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Dungeon In Hell

Spiraling deeper and darker into chaos, hydro-planing across the righteous path of despair
Unraveling within the unguarded, which mysteriously leads to the murky beware
The Angel of Death watches over, from the platform enshrouded in mist
Lurking beneath sunken shadows lies his cousin, The Angel of the Abyss  

So won't you join the excitement and visit my cell?
It's a joyous occasion if you don't mind the smell
I hope the room service has treated you well
In the merriment that's contained in this Dungeon in Hell  

Barging its way through the empty, the devils accumulate souls
Any hope of redemption rapidly fading, while dreams plummet toward the hot coals
Oblivious oblivion proceeds to consume it, feeding on lonely affliction
The vast endless blackness surrounds it, forcing fear to become its addiction  

But it's really quite quaintly delightful, my cell
If you don't look too closely you surely can't tell
Fascinatingly upbeat and surprising as well
Won't you please come and visit my Dungeon in Hell?  

Following devious demons, being coaxed through the labyrinths of hate
The tunnels of void keep retracting, proving that one can't escape fate
So don't try to search for that charmer, rabbits foot or rare four-leaf clover
The chains of deranged evil will hold you, at least until Hell freezes over  

But I promise my cage is not horrid, but swell
If you wish to come in, won't you please ring the bell
If you just come inside you'll fall under the spell
For it's only forever in my Dungeon in Hell

Brent Johnson · 37 days ago
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Dungeon In Hell