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Dubious Heart
I hear your dubious heart
I suffer from disregard
I just now realize
You've got eyes on the prize
Then You went and ripped me apart
I hear your dubious heart
Formed from your deceit
Sounds like a grenade
Going off in my brain 
A tumultuous sickly beat
You left me out there all alone I see
I beg for help, it's just an empty plea
I hear your dubious heart
Now I'm lost in the dark
Surrounded by a fog
Like I'm stuck in a bog
You then went and made me your mark
I hear your dubious heart 
I'm now on the escape
You've got me on the run
Back to where I've begun
Now I'm searching for a whole new way 
Your darkness clouds my vision totally
You left me out on a limb, dangling 
I hear your dubious heart
Fooled me from the start
I hear your dubious heart
Ripped me right apart
Victor Magallon · 2061 days ago
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Dubious Heart