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Dont want to lose you

Did you ever see the skies, over oceans so blue

Did you ever see the stars, as they moved over you

When the day is over, and you lay down in your bed

Do you have somebody near you

Or did the loneliness choose you instead


Hold on, hold on tight, you know I'm 

Right here, waiting for you

Until you decide what you want to do with your life

I don't want to lose you

Could you sail thru a storm, and stay your course

Could you give away your love, and live without remorse

Could you ever live a lifetime, without feeling the strain

Could you stay forever young, if you knew your love was in vain


Have you ever been so lonely, so alone, with a broken heart

Did you ever feel so down, that you just wanted to restart


I dont want to lose you

Marcus Bressler · 1758 days ago
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Dont want to lose you