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Don't pull across those curtains

             Don’t pull across those curtains.

Don't pull across those curtains when your whole heart it's broke in two

Or even let a lonely tear appear within sight

And when you stand there at the window wear a smile upon your face

And then believe that someone new will soon hold you tight

And if there is just one thought to then appear while you are standing alone

Then just recall all those good times that you now once knew

And if all that hurt it just keeps on hurting-then smile that smile for one more time

And it's then a certainty that there will appear a new love just for you

And so don't cry that lonely tear while it still keeps on hurting so deep inside

For that someone new will surely knock upon your door

And so although now it just might seem like a never-ending dream

There will appear that new love who will surely love you even more

And so although all that hurt now of every yesterday it just won't go away

That brand-new love will soon appear close on your mind

So don't pull across those curtains-even though your whole heart it's still broke in two

For that brand-new love will soon appear for one more time.

Rod Orchard · 1684 days ago
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Don't pull across those curtains