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Don't let it stop

I’ve got a new wave of inspiration
Running through my veins
I've been around too many blocks
But I’m reborn again

My new resources
Has been finely tuned
I’ve been to hell and back
Then back up to the moon

So many downs travelled
The highs always beat the lows
Dreams and myths unravelled
Make up part of the show

So get on your game
Make it worth it
Be first past the post
You don’t want to lose it
It’s all happening to you
Whether you like it or not
There's so much more you can do
Don’t let it stop

The mould has been broken
Don’t want it to mend
Don’t iron out the creases
Who knows what's round the bend

Get on the ball
Put it on all the line
Grab the last goal
Before someone blows full time
it’s all happening to you
Whether you want it or not
There is so much more to do
Don’t let it stop

Ian Clark · 319 days ago
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11.16.2019 (319 days ago)
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Don't let it stop