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Do not disturb

Moving in circles
In your own time
Planning your route
Just to get by

Holding on tightly
To the day
Trying not to let a moment
Slip away

Drown out the noise
Of a busy world
Close yourself off
Behind the door

Watch the clock
Slowly run down
Turn the lock
To keep out the sound

Walking round
With blinkers on
Shutters pulled down
Don't want to be heard
Wearing your sign
Do not disturb

Lights are on
But no ones home
Mouths are moving,
But you don’t hear a word
Hang out your sign
Do not disturb

Lost and found
all at sea
Look for a place
Where you can't be seen

Up in the clouds
Head in the sand
Anywhere will do
You won't lend a hand

Different people, different places
Changing times, changing spaces
Waiting for something
To come and change
New directions
In the game

Different hearts, different kinds
Changing thoughts, changing minds
Praying for something
to come into range
As we play our parts
In the game

In good company
When there’s just one
Turn off the lights
When everyone has gone

Keep doing what you’re doing
Till you have no more
When its time to leave
Leave your sign on the door

Do not disturb

Ian Clark · 320 days ago
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11.16.2019 (320 days ago)
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Do not disturb