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Dizzy on the Floor

V1: You've barely made your entrance

And you got my heart pounding out of my chest
One-twenty BPM
As my night is in your hands
There'll be no rest
So you go to up the ante
I don't even care that you're stacking the deck
I said I'd moderate
Now it's one over the eight
And I lost that bet

PC: You tell me the night’s still young (Round and round)
But I heard you say that back at one (Round you go)
Speeding up as I slow down (When you’ll stop)
You’re a twirling top while I hit the ground (I don’t know)

Chorus: I'm dizzy on the floor baby
And you're dancing in circles around me
I'm dizzy on the floor baby,

A D E F#7

Cuz you're dancing in circles around me.

So now I’m staring at the ceiling
Feeling like you hit me right between the eyes
Between your hair and dress
My head is such a mess
Along for your ride
Now you're going for the knockout
With the way your feet move around on the floor
Your moves are all a blur
And my words all start to slur
As I'm down once more

PC, Chorus

Bridge: Steady, steady
I'll try to hold my balance this time
Adam Gruss · 1421 days ago
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01.15.2016 (1421 days ago)
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Dizzy on the Floor