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Verse 1

When I look through your eyes

I can see the reflection of you and I 

I can feel the chemistry

I can carefully see the Ecstasy

It may sound crazy but I do hope its destiny


Daydreaming, listening to a beautiful melody

Free falling into euphoria with soft white sheets

When we look into each other eyes

The ethereal lights catches our fall

Slow motion floating in the thin air

in the wild west wind feeling weightless


You notice me but you don't realize it

but when I'm in the spotlight

Everything dims down and all eyes on me

it wasn't my intention, intention to get your attention, attention

There's tension, tension in the air suddenly in this dimension, dimension

Verse 2

We live in different lives 

your adored as a gold sort with a sword 

And I'm just in the crowd with a crown

( Repeated pre-chorus & chorus)

Ending verse

In this dimension, In this dimension, In this dimension 

In this dimension, In this dimension, In this dimension

Johanna Reyna · 545 days ago
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