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Just as the land’s gonna slide 

down the mountain side,

straight into the sea.

A more attractive opportunity 

lounges at the double tree,

waiting for me.

I told you three, four times 

I wouldn’t do it again, 

before I did it once more.

You landed on your feet, 

with a whiskey neat.

You’re such a criminal.

When you ask me a question

and I answer back, 

you better look my way!

I’m all about your talk, 

and so about your walk.

Are you ready to play?

They'd use to line up on your front porch,

tap upon your window,

for’ to catch your eye.

They'd come from miles around just to feel the love and have a piece of your pie.

Lock the door, I want to sleep some more.

Walk the Floor.

Jason Ferguson · 136 days ago
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05.12.2020 (136 days ago)
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