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They say life is a gift so why do I feel so alone!?
Love and time can cure all pain but baby I still feel it Everytime your away .
It's like I'm in a desert suffocating without you.
No water, no vodka nothing to ease the pain, these tears just keep falling, my heart keeps aching and the sun stopped shining.
My love for yous all I think about day after day, remembering each kiss an hug, replaying all the moments we shared, dreaming of you holding me once more. For this drout is like your love, this deserts so lonely an all I need is you, will I ever have a chance to love you again.?
I could use a strong drink, I wanna empty my mind as it runs wild yet I feel nothing without you.
I find myself screaming out your name in hope that you will hear me. I write these words in hopes of peace and easing my mind but all it does is make me miss you more. I hold your picture close as I lay myself down to sleep in hopes for one sweet dream but in this desert there's nothing but me.

Crystal Flahardy · 543 days ago
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