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Cuban Prison

From the time he entered prison to the time he was finally freed

5 years had past

5 years of grief

Sorrow you would not believe

His name is Alan GrossĀ 

And now let's make a toast

On the eve of his release

5 years spent in a Cuban prison

The result of a failed mission

Many people don't realize

How good we have it here

Free WIFI at every Starbucks

The Internet is always near


You see in Cuba the story is different

Not many people can go online

My friend Alan here set out to bring some access

You see in the year two thousand nine

He made 5 trips to the island

Employed by the US government

Customs caught him with an illegal computer chip

On the 5th and final trip

Authorities sent him to Villa Marista

Behind bars with no vacation vista

They sentenced him for fifteen years

Far away from here

To anyone that stands for democracy

Let it be a lesson

For what a price to pay for freedom

5 years spent in a Cuban prison

John Hyland · 1617 days ago
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06.08.2015 (1617 days ago)
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Cuban Prison