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Crash and burn

I'm here
But I'm not all there 
Im lost in a world
That doesn't care

If love lives
Or if it dies
No one questions 
Or wonders why

I rise
While I'm half awake
Dreaming of a place 
Where there's less at stake

Where peace of mind 
Comes naturally 
all around
Is harmony

We Ride our luck
At  every twist and  turn
set our minds in stone
For the crash and burn

People stop and stare
As we go round the bend
All we need to know
will it ever end

I'm down 
But I'm never out
I can't help thinking
What's it's all about

We've come this far
Down open roads
Packing our bags
Then shedding the load

Reaching points
Of no return
When we read the signs 
Do we ever learn

Riding your luck
At  every twist and  turn
Minds set in stone
Ready for the crash and burn

Is this your lot
Is it all we've got
Is the method to your madness
To lose the plot

People stop and stare
When we go round the bend
All we need to know
Is will it ever end

Ian Clark · 323 days ago
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11.11.2019 (323 days ago)
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Crash and burn