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Covid Nineteen

Covid Nineteen

The rough seas may seem hard to navigate

Let's promote love and forget how to hate

A sickness has swallowed our city streets

This sickness has the name covid nineteen

The worst disease the world has ever seen

But we cannot raise our hands in defeat

During this storm we must come together

If we choose to make this place better

The clock in the sky is ticking constantly

God allow waves of love roll over me

We all miss our family and our friends

we will be together when the cyclone ends

So many are sick in bed and so many dying

But we cannot give up the hope of trying

One day the sun will come out and shine

Bringing love to this heart of yours and mine

Soon the sickness will blow away forevermore

Bringing all of our lost ships back into shore

Once the sickness is dust and gone away

The world will celebrate forever and a day

By Gary Edward Allen 2020

Gary Allen · 881 days ago
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Covid Nineteen