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Cold blood

Cold blood
Running through my veins
When I look at love
flushed down the drain

Cold blood
Flows through my heart
When I see people
tear their lives apart

Cold blood
Chills me to the bone
When I watch a world 
being tortured and burned

Cold blood
Freezes me to the spot
When I see what we have
Is this all that we have got

What if only
If only we could 
Make a change for the better
Make a change got the good

What if only
We do what we should 
Instead of gunning each other down
In cold blood

Lying in wait 
Waiting for a change
breaking the spell
On days so strange

on we go
With the same old game
Looking for each other
to point some blame
Full stream
swimming against the tide
Winding up down a road 
Just off the ride

It gets too much
more than I can take
taking part in a crash course
Without any brakes

It gets too hard 
More than I can bear
What we take it for granted
Without a thought or care
Cold blood
Filling up my head
When I see your eyes so cold
And your brain dead

Ian Clark · 313 days ago
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11.11.2019 (313 days ago)
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Cold blood