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Closer than most

I can’t imagine my life
Without you being there for me
The world and it’s wicked ways
Leaves my mouth with a bitter taste
But it’s you I turn to at the end of the day

The thought of ever losing you
Fills me up full with dread
I’d be walking round in a daze
Lost and alone inside a maze
Cause it’s you I lean on to get me through the day

Its like you can read my mind
When you take a look inside
You know what I’m thinking
You know what I need
You’ve got it under control
What you do for me

It’s like you turn the key
When you look through my eyes
You know what I’m seeing
You know what I feel
I’m under your spell
You are the air that I breathe

You are all that I wished for
And a whole lot more
Together we can take on the world
Because we’re closer than most

You are all that I dreamed of
And so much more
There is nothing we couldn’t do
Because we’re closer than most

And when all else fails
And it gets too much
I fall into your arms
Into your tender touch

And when it all breaks down
Everything closing in
I’m locked in your warm embrace
Until you get right under my skin

because when we are together
Theres a changing in the weather
The clouds start to roll
And drift away

The love we both are feeling
Takes on another meaning
The world that surrounds us
Doesn’t seem that grey

Ian Clark · 1307 days ago
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10.31.2019 (1307 days ago)
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Closer than most