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Closer 2 You ( A Duet)
Closer 2 U
Written & Copywrighted by Chase Guap
Female Verse:
6 in the morning and I'm thinking bout you,
Got me all up in my feelings and I don't know what to do.
Boy,you...make me so weak, you bring me to my knees,
Got me hoping, got me praying what we got is meant to be.
Got me A-1 saucing on you, putting that boss thang on you.
Tell me what these haters gon'do,they can't fuck with me and you.
Boy, you official, like a whistle, you blowing my mind.
It's the way you walk, way you talk, make me wanna give you all my time.
Spend it all on you,like we popping tags, like we checking bags.
Give my all to my you,anything you ask, baby you can have.
I'm falling for you, how did you sweep me off my feet,
The other niggas tore me down but with you I feel so complete.
(ohh booyy)
Baby,I know you on your grind,you just wanna keep me shining,
Don't you worry bout these niggas, they ain't even worth my time.
So fuck what them haters talking bout, don't pay they ass no mind.
BOY,I'm with you til I die, I'm gon' ride and take my time,to get...
Closer 2 u,boy, I just wanna get closer 2 u.
Baby, let me get closer 2 u, tell me can I get closer 2 u.
Closer 2 u baby...
(MALE: I hear you baby. I can tell you feeling some type of way. And to keep it 100,
I been feeling some type of way too. It's just feel like...listen..)
Male verse  (rap):
When's the last time you had a good time? What happened to those dreams of the good life?
Baby, we could have a good time, baby we could live the good life.
Girl, let me introduce you to the high life, you know I really need you by my side.
No limit, this world got no sky. Fuck rules,to us they don't apply.
I remember when we was young,we use to think about being all grown up.
Now we all grown up wishing that we was young, cause this aint the life we both dreamed of.
I remember when you gave me your love, I wasn't really trying for it, it was just luck.
Cause who'd ever think that you and I, 2 enemies could ever fall in love.
Them lonely nights you spent in the club,youse a bad bitch you deserve much more.
Girl, I don't mean to be so blunt, smoke me if you must but its you that I want.
Said I don't act like the same me, and you hope this life hasn't changed me.
We've both seen a lot in HD, I put you through so much you can't face me.
Baby girl, let me dry your eyes, girl, don't be afraid to trust me one time.
All I wanna do is just make things right,I try to move on but it don't feel right.
How can I live when your my life, how can I see when you gave me sight.
You just keep doing them things I like, and I'ma do the things you hate cause it makes you love me...
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Chase Guap · 351 days ago
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Closer 2 You ( A Duet)