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Change in Me

I wake up each morning
I start my day
The first thing I do
Go to god and pray
Now when I talk to him
I know he handles it all
So I ask for many things
Cause there's nothing to small

GIve me hope when I need it
And I do today
Give me faith when I'm down
Or when I've lost my way
Give me strength in all
places I need
Give me love
Give me joy
Give me peace

God forgive me
When I slip away from you
I don't know why
I do the things I do
Cause I know I'm not perfect
And I will never be
But as long as I'm in your hands
I have everything I need

Help me control
My anger, my attitude
Teach me about kindness and gratitude
Continue to bring out
the best in me
Teach me about grace and integrity
And just allow all those
around me to see
The change your making
The change in me

Amy Hale · 362 days ago
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10.01.2019 (362 days ago)
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Change in Me