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What are we doing
Why are we here
Is there a point to all the
Blood sweat and tears

where are we going
do we know just how far
is it all written down
then back to the start

Were all casualties
In the land of confused
Standing in line
Waiting to be used

Were all casualties
Remote of control
Any love you see
Falls down a big black hole

Blindly moving
Without reason or rhyme
You feel you're always paying
For someone else's crime

Hands tightly binded
With invisible rope
Your dreams start to fade
Along with your hope

What are we wanting
What is it we need
Do we listen to warnings
We all should heed

Why are we waiting
Have we all forgot
Are we really happy
With all we have got

We're all casualties
In a world of despair
Where all that matters
Never seems to care

Yes were casualties
In the grandest schemes
Where love falls down flat
Cause we've forgotten what love means

Ian Clark · 880 days ago
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12.31.2019 (880 days ago)
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