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Bye Bye


Bye Bye




Verse 1



Gotta leave, Gotta go


Its goodbye and not hello


I'm fed up with the arguments and tiffs


Going West, Going East


Its time recriminations ceased


I've had enough of wondering "What If ?"





The huffs and the long silences


Weren't exceptions but the rule


I've never been told off so much


Since I left primary school



Verse 2


I'm shipping out and moving on


What we had is now long gone


I need some peace and quiet for a while



Going North, Going South


I'll no longer hush my mouth


I've forgotten what its like to crack a smile






The put downs and the constant harping


Finally took their toll


The only highlight of my week


Was signing on the dole



Verse 3



Its Adieu and Adios


Gonna be my only boss


The whining on and on is now defunct


I'm heading out, I'm going to scoot


The boot's now firmly on the other foot


The myth that "you knew best" has been debunked






The memory of the last 10 years


Is fading day by day


The straw has broke the camel's back


But now i'm making hay



Verse 4



Bientot, Auf Widersehen


I'm going to try and make it plain


You're warped, you're damaged


And you're out of whack



Verse 5


I'm glad I've gone but fare thee well


This snail's emerging from his shell


And I'm sure I'm never going back



And I'm sure I'm never going back.....



You can bet your life I'm never going back.....



And I'm sure I'm never going back




 © Robin Grimmond 2012











robin grimmond · 1630 days ago
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Bye Bye