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Butterflies, Rainbows

Note: more of a rap
1-17-15? Copied,1-24-15

Life is more than butterflies and rainbows
Rainbows represent a promise did you know
bubbles don’t pop cause they got tired of the show
people don’t love you because of what you know
you know this isn’t working
but still you try to go
on and on and about life;? that it’s slow
that it’s a little rowboat
and it forgot how to float
and you life rests on the fate of a goat
I don’t know (It’s insane)
What’s going on(in our brains)
These days since the fall

it’s not funny at all
it’s tiring is all, I have to say
No wait
it’s not all I have to say all I’m gonna say
Our lives go ‘stray do we look at today
or do we lay around trying to find the ground we just fell flat on our faces
making mistakes and
(No one’s listening)
Everyone’s listening
(We’re not hearing)
Don’t know how to listen in
to love, to pain, feelings to our brains, our minds, our bodies
we don’t know we’re insane
we don’t know that with love we have everything to gain
And that (His) live can reign
and all this rain, pain
Walking through the lanes
plowing through these fields of nothing
Finding something steada what you(were looking for) mistook for a game
life is full of surprises
You can’t drown You[rself] in the rain
life is full of rain
[All this writing; it’s a shame, I hadn’t thought of this before
but I’ve thought of this before]
we just keep forgetting

Preshus Tucker · 2630 days ago
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Butterflies, Rainbows