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Brown Bomb

Copyright Joel Lerner


Brown Bomb


In a shiny olive suit

I was dressed to a T

Arm out the window

Doing the gangster lean


Stopped at a red light

This girl she caught my eye

Long braided hair in corn rows

She had nowhere to hide


Brown bomb

She took me by surprise

Brown bomb

Finger lickin good with sculpted thighs


She touched a nerve

I knew I'd get what I deserved

So I pulled on over

I pulled on over to the curb


She asked, "what you want?"

I told her "I want you"

She said, "Do what you like"

I said, 'I knew you'd ask me to"


Brown bomb

She had curves for days

Brown bomb

I stepped up and made my play


Her folks said don't talk to strangers

So she asked my name

Then said now that we know each other

Feel free to fan the flames


Brown bomb

We had dinner then desert

Brown bomb

That girl looked so good it hurt

Joel Lerner · 846 days ago
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Brown Bomb