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Broken Soul

Sometimes I wish, I would just die

Take one last breath and close my eyes

Sometimes I wish, I could go back in time

Make sure I never had to live this life



I`m broken on the inside but I feel aint nobody notice

Wondering what I must have done to ever deserve this

It`s bullshit.. if I went to the doctor now, he`d just set a diagnosis

Make me believe there`s something wrong with me that no one else sees

It could be ocd or anxiety that has been bothering me

All this time I was too blind to see, that you and I are different

On the outside we`re the same on the inside you`re nothing like me

I wonder how you bleed if you feel pain the way I feel

I`m sitting in a corner, I hear the way you`ve been talking

It`s hurting that every time you try to get close I`m a warning

It pushes you away, it`s a knife to my chest it`s burning

Your eyes are all over me, It`s the way they are staring

You have me in a leash I`m under your control

Feels like I can do no good I have a broken soul

I`ve been bearing this boulder of weight on my shoulders that no one knows

I`ve got scars on my heart that can`t be shown on my bones


Please take away

All of my pain

I`m broken on the inside (x2)


The sky used to be blue now all I see are clouds of grey

It can`t be good that I taught myself to feel this way

That there aint no tomorrow that I wont see another day

God have mercy I don’t wanna be in so much pain

But I cant find another way to get on with my life

I used to have so many dreams that I would find myself a beautiful wife

She would grow old to see our kids with their dad

My life flashes fore my eyes and they`re gone just like that

How can I love someone else when I don’t love who I am

All I am is just a poor excuse of a man

It`s sad to think that I could have done so much better

A life in vein the forecast for today says stormy weather

In my head, that`s where the party ends

The voices that I hear telling me I could never have friends

That no one would like me, im better off with no one beside me

This fucking anxiety has nearly been the death of me

Please take away

All of my pain

I`m broken on the inside (x2)


I feel it deep within my bones I`ve been burying my soul

Feels like I would never have the chance to grow old

To see my kids, grow up to see their beautiful smile

To see if they have the same eyes as their beautiful mom

They say the grass Is greener on the other side

How can I go on with my life if all I have lived is a lie

That I can get so low that all I wanna do is to die

I`m a dead man walking I don’t think I will survive

I`ve been begging on my hands and knees I cant get up

Why, why, do you think I don’t deserve the love

To know what it feels to be put first to feel the touch

On my skin, to be let in, fuck I`m giving up

Please take away

All of my pain

I`m broken on the inside (x2)

Andreas Holm · 36 days ago
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Broken Soul