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Bring It Back to Me

Verse 1

Paper dolls left on the floor and

Drinking lemonade on the front porch

Never have I seen a scary movie before

You dry my tears

And I couldn't ask for anything more

Chorus 1

I'm sitting on the couch and sifting through the photo box

I wanna capture every moment

Ever fleeting, never stop

Capture every moment

And bring it back to me

Verse 2

Playing house in the creek bed

And then of course we'd play pretend

You be Luke and I'll be Leia, you said

Then it'd be time to go to bed

They say familiarity breeds contempt

But I guess from that rule you are exempt

Tate-Madison Bell · 715 days ago
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06.14.2021 (715 days ago)
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Bring It Back to Me