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Bound For Christmas Day

Christmas Bells are calling out across the busy town,

Crowds of people rush about beneath the ancient sound.

Bright shop windows twinkle, endless Christmas jingles play,

Bags and boxes jostle homeward, bound for Christmas Day.


By the church door on a table burns a light so pale,

Child-made dolls and cardboard stable tell their ageless tale.

No-one stops to think about the infant in the hay,

Empty hearts and weary eyes rush on to Christmas Day.


On this frozen night, a billion stars are blazing in the sky.

Who will see their silent glory, who will wonder why ?


Look on high, look on high, there are wonders in the sky.


Christmas has come round again to crown another year,

Long-lost friends are found again as Christmas cards appear.

Hearts will soon embrace the magic of this holiday

But who'll stop to wonder why they call it Christmas Day ?


See the stars look down in witness on that crowded street today,

See the tide of souls that surges heedless on its way,

Bound for Christmas Day.


Look away, far away.  Look away, far away.


Copyright©2018 PL Derrick, SD Ashby

Stuart Ashby · 752 days ago
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Bound For Christmas Day