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Bomb blast

When you’re up on show
Feel the heat of the glow
High up on the stage
Staring out from the cage

The cold blooded snakes
Alway’s on the make
At your expense
When you drop your defence

They like to leave their mark
Like the teeth of a shark
When they take a bite
With all their might

Rip at your flesh
Till there's nothing left
Apart from blood you spill
When they go for the kill

You've got to
Grow so quickly
Learn so fast
Build your shelter
To protect you from the
Bomb blast

Move out quickly
Before you feel the whip lash
Build your shelter
To protect you from the
Bomb blast

the moment you step out
Into the great outdoors
be on your guard
In your own back yard

From all the greasy paws
In the tug of war
clawing at your skin
Trying to get in

Your aching heart
Will be ripped apart
Of any love inside
That you wanted to hide

Wearing you down
With the low blows around
Keeping on the floor
Till you can't take anymore

Be on your metal
With your bullet proof vest
Bite all the bullets
That put you to the test

You'll need many layers
To help you survive
Keep your eyes open
Will you get out alive

Ian Clark · 319 days ago
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11.12.2019 (319 days ago)
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Bomb blast