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Blood from a stone

It doesn’t matter what I do for you
Its never enough I cant seem to get through
It wouldn’t make a difference what I say

Ive been making all the moves
Just to try and get close to you
But all you want to do is run away

The more I run
The more you hide
Its gets too hard to get inside
All I can do is leave you alone
Its like getting blood from a stone

The more I give
The less you take
I cant break in or penetrate
The lights are on but there’s no one home
Its like getting blood from a stone

I can never read what’s in your mind
When I try I don’t know what I’ll find
I’m just invisible to your naked eye

I’m tired of searching for a sign
In the hope I could make you mine
But the look you send curls up and dies

Who knows what your seeing
When you’re lost inside your own world
If seeing is believing
You’ve locked a secret never to be told

Who knows where you’re going
When you escape to your dreams
Can’t make sense what you’re feeling
You play your part on someone else’s scene

Ian Clark · 327 days ago
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10.31.2019 (327 days ago)
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Blood from a stone