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Black Friday Love

Verse 1:

Hats and scarves and coats in cars

Find another late night bar

Where strangers dance around each other

Will you be my only lover

Or are you looking for another

One night stand



Dancing talking mind is walking

Into future lights with you



Will we flash by like Black Friday

Pleasure rush til Cyber Monday

Will we be a lasting treasure

Holding fast but no fast measures

Will we find a life forever

Or Black Friday love


Verse 2:

Drink it back make eye contact

Will you take this stranger back

Or will you dance around each other

While one drink becomes another

If you see no-one above her

Take her hand


Repeat pre-chorus

Repeat chorus



Now you’re rushing

In slow motion

Lips are touching

Heat explosion

Out of nowhere

Comes the notion

You’re the one, the one, the one emotion

I will ever need


Repeat Chorus



Will we find a life forever

Or Black Friday love

Will we travel life together

Or Black Friday love

Don’t want another stormy weather

Cold Black Friday love

Go Black Friday love

No Black Friday love

Angie Kuske · 1950 days ago
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  •  Vladimir Tikhonenkov: 
    Hi Angie, I just wanted to say, I really like these lyrics!
    I have had some idea about it, but afterwords,I have found your songs on the SoundCloud! It's really strange and funny to compare and to see the difference in the way of imagination of diffrent people!
     530 days ago 
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Black Friday Love