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Between us

Everyone ask what's going on between us!?
We say nothing, laugh an continue on with our life, living each day as if nothing's wrong, as if the friend zone works, but a little part of me wonders just whats going on between us.
I've always been a shoulder, I'll always wipe away your tears, when you need a friend I'm always right here. Advice, laughs, long talks about nothing, smiles for days baby can't you see that's us.
We share so much theres not a secert to be kept excerpt the fact that I love you.
I keep it low key in hopes to never lose you, it's better to love you from afar then to Lose you forever. But I just gotta know what's going on between us.

Crystal Flahardy · 887 days ago
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04.18.2018 (887 days ago)
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Between us