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Becoming a Christian


That still, small voice I hear

Will speak to me until

I make up my burden

And take up my part.

What does it all mean?

The words of faith we preach?

The word is very near you

In your mouth and in your heart.    


Who ever believes on Him will not be put to shame                 

The Lord shall save all whosoever call upon His name. 

Who believes our Savior is the living Son of God

Calling on His name has salvation of our Lord.                     


If you admit with your mouth

The Lord Jesus Christ

And believe in your heart that God

Has raised Him from the dead

You’ll be saved, hallelujah, 

Hallelujah will be saved!

For with the heart one believes in His worthiness

And with the words of praise declare

His saving grace, Amen!                  

                                                           (Romans 10:8-13)

Dutch Knickerbocker · 258 days ago
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Becoming a Christian