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Be My Light

Be My Light

Sweet Lord say you'll always be mine

Be my Holy savior till the end of time

In the sunshine a glorious flower grows

Yours the only love for me Heaven knows

Lord will you foreve take me by the hand

Because God knows I'm just a mortal man

Wrap me in your wings upon everyday

Within my heart you'll always have a place

Wrap me in your tender wings of the night

Say you'll always be my faithful guiding light

Will you walk me down life's twisting path

If I should get lost won't you guide me back

In one's life there seems to come a time

To let the light of truth to truly shine

As we travel to where the river begins

No man is completely innocent of sin

May I lay my burdens down before you

Because you are the only one forever true

By Gary Edward Allen 2020

Gary Allen · 819 days ago
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Be My Light