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Be Calm, Mister President


Sleep Mister President

Don’t cry now sir

I know you care

There’s only so much you can do


Close your eyes

And feel the warmth

Fall in love

You’ll find the darkness all around


Chorus 1:

Make them appear in the cloudy haze and fly

Figure it out and there will never be doubt

Cough, expel the smog

Your family and friends their lives will never end

Happy you say could never find its way

Breathe, breathe the air



Choose your drug

Don’t falter now

Open the door

Justice will be served someday


Hot and cold

Fever and its men

Right and wrong

We’re here for you when you choose to go


Chorus 2:

The cavalry halts to expose and revolt to you

Please do not fall I don’t think I could go on

Fire and feel the burn

Maybe one day you will find all you had dreamed

A loss and a love is all you wish you had heard

Break, your only vows



Fight the tides

Hate and fear

Your fellow man

We could not hope for any worse on you


God and hell

Read for many miles

Sing and flee

You’re only human after all, at all


Chorus 3:

Follow the signs and barricade your mind from them

Sadness will fall and empty space on the wall

Stay here with me

Kindred the heart who tries to tear you apart and dies

And the man with the gun will take your hand as he runs

Follow no more


Taylor Torres · 2621 days ago
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Be Calm, Mister President