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So you think you know whats going on
You think you know whats right from wrong
Well I don’t think you’ve really got a clue

So you think you’ve got it under control
Is there something that you don’t know
Some day the tables are gonna turn on you

So you think you’ve got an easy ride
All weighed up with all your alibi’s
I don’t think you’ve thought the whole thing through

So you think you’ve got it what it takes
You’re every wish on a silver plates
It’s about time the plug was pulled from you

If it’s ok with you
Well that’s all that counts
This game is hotting up
To boiling point

Place your fingers in the pot
and watch the flames grow higher
You're going to lose the lot
When it all backfires

Playing it your way
Till your hearts content
Wrapped up in your ball
of ignorance

Balanced on your throne
On your high wire
You'll be lost and alone
When it all backfires

You keep sitting there
In your mixed up world
Watching your way of life
Slowly unfold

Planning all your schemes
While stuck in the mire
Trying to pass the blame
When it all backfires

Ian Clark · 324 days ago
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11.06.2019 (324 days ago)
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