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Are you satisfied

I play my cards
close to my chest
but when I need to choose one
I never know which is best

I could take a chance
but the fear of mistake
would leave me nervous
and my body would shake

Im feeling dizzy
my heads in a spin
cant make my mind up
dont know where to begin

you shove me and push me
hit me when im down
are you satisfied
you twist and turn me
and mess me around
are you satisfied

busy running around
in circles all day
trying to decide
all the right things to say

hoping to make
the best of the worst
while keeping in line
and staying on course

you use me and abuse me
turn me inside out
are you satisfied
you hurt me then desert me
make me scream and shout
are you satisfied

sometimes it hard
to make the best of it all
When too many problems
has your back against the wall

sometimes it's hard
to make any sense at all
when the world around you
Waits to see if you stumble and fall

Ian Clark · 321 days ago
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11.13.2019 (321 days ago)
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Are you satisfied