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9.) Another Day
Well, some say that we won’t make it
But hey! Who cares what they say?
My mama told me that I’ll still make it
Cause I don’t hear what they say
And I wanna be
All you ask for in life
And I’m not gonna lie
You’re the love of my life
And this time apart
Is just breaking my heart, and I’m crying;
“Believe me!
Don’t leave me!
Will you tell me,
When you’re out on you’re own and you’re crying?”
Right now I need you
I believe you
Please hang on to me,
I change…
Deep down I’m no new boy who love you
Please forgive me baby
I’m the same
So give me just another day
Don’t you forget the boy who showed you what love is
One day we’ll come together and realize what this is
And I wanna be
All you asked for in life
And I just want a wife
With some kids in my life
And this time apart
Now can you see me?
Please just believe me
Can you tell me, why you’re out on your own and you’re crying
You think that it’s over
And I share the blame,
Because I’m lost
So lost, I’m dying without you
I can’t breathe without you now
Now that I’m lost,
My heart has lost it’s rhythm
And no one knows the beat like you do
But when we cross our paths again someday,
I’m gonna save you from delay
I know I’m late but babe I had to change
I miss you dearly girl, what do ya say?
Miss me while we wait on you to give me just another day
Andrew Howard · 1259 days ago
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04.14.2017 (1259 days ago)
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9.) Another Day