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An Old Man's Regret

Part 1:

When you're a young man

time rolls on forever

you refuse to believe

it'll come to an end

but the days keep on passin'

till you stand in the twilight

and wait for the darkness

to fin'lly descend

Part 2:

And you look at your life

and you wonder what happened

to all of those big dreams

you would bring to the world

now you can see the days passed too quickly,

your hands were too idle,

your proud banner's still furled

Part 3:

So you make the most

of each precious moment

and build on those young dreams

with an old man's regret

you try to remember

the power and passion

and try not to dwell on the darkness

that hasn't come yet

Repeat Part 1

Stanfield Major · 1108 days ago
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An Old Man's Regret