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Afraid of Nothing

Some worry bout the devil on the doorstep

Some worry for the rats in the race

Some worry if their team’s gonna win tonight

Some worry bout getting egg on their face


My fears are not of the things

that happen bad every day

I’m not afraid of something, someone, not like when I was young,

Now I’m just scared, of nothing, nothing that’s all


Strange noises in the night (I hear)

Don’t keep me awake

Roughnecks on the freeway

Motorcycles tykes I can take


The shock news is no biggie,

Don’t care much if the pitch falls flat

I’m not afraid of what I don’t know

I’m afraid of nothing, just nothing, that’s all



I got nothing to say

I got nothing to do

I got nothing to hold, the whole night through


Though I try to get away, there is nothing chasing me

And I know, I’m afraid of nothing, nothing, most of all



Disappear, my chanticleer,

Silence is blinding me

Silence is binding me here

Oh disappear, disappear, disappear, my chanticleer

Silence is binding me, blinding me here



Glenn Evans · 504 days ago
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Afraid of Nothing