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I should have known when you were passing through,

that you’d want to stay.

I get it wrong when I don’t see through 

your latest passion play.

Like a drink to a drowning man.

You’re a taste that I can’t resist. 

One more step and I’ll kick the can. 

Home free with you off my list. 

You shake your head 

and adjust my shirt. 

Everyone stares at us.

All fun and games 

'til someone gets hurt. 

Then it’s hilarious.

A long walk in the pouring rain,

Really helps to clear my head.

The sound of water going down the drain

Makes me lose all sense of dread.

Like mother nature’s lullaby

It can put me in a trance.

You really don’t even have to try.

Forget your cares. Get up and dance.

© 2018 Jason R. Ferguson, All Rights Reserved

Jason Ferguson · 744 days ago
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