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Addict's Eyes

Verse 1:   Sometimes I wish you could see/ the world through an addict eyes/ it's nothing like your world/ there no colors only black and white/-/ there's no song birds singing/ no ocean waves smashing/ just the deadly silence of breaking/-//

Verse 2:   Im sitting in the pew trying to avoid eye contact/ because those perfect Christians look down upon me/ I can feel the stares and feel the judgement / pumbling down on my spirit I'm already too bent/-//

Verse 3:  Don't come up to me asking how I am/ you don't care no matter what I say/ my past defines me in your eyes/ even as you sit there I see straight through your lies/  you never listen you just hear/ you always talk but never do you speak/-//

Verse 4:  You say I chose this life so deal with it/ this is your bed now sleep in it/  is that how little you think of me?/-/ I started out just like you/ experimenting and partying at a.m. 2/ never did the thought come across my mind/ being a fiend was gonna be my new life/-//

Verse 5:  You really think I wanted to be on these sheets?/ Begging the Lord to come take me/ wishing that I was His first mistake/-/ you really think I wanted to be a slave to them?/ Giving up everything, obeying them?/ Man, what the fuck is wrong with yall to think that this was my dream?!/-//

Verse 6:  I'm tired of trying to find a vein/ to shove a needle in my skin/ just so I could get some relief from this pain/-/ man I hate staying up every night trying to fight/ this dreariness to just set flight/ disappear no would know/ I mean, you are just an addict/ why don't you go?/-//

Verse 7:  I just wish one day you'll see/ that this side was never meant to be/ but the Lord gonna use it one day/ to help pave the path for another, I pray/-// 

Verse 8:  Tho being an addict has taught me many things/ like embrace your past, your made up of your dings/-/ don't get embarrassed because you took on life/ those perfect Christians don't know what the fuck it's about/-// 

Bridge:  Maybe one day you can finally see/  that I'm not ashamed of who I came to be/ maybe if you actually listen to these stories/ and catch a glimpse of what the world is like/ looking through an addict eyes/-//

Alexi Dillon · 795 days ago
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  •  Ewa Byro: 
    This is very emotional. I am a love addict so it's easy for me to understand what these lyrics are about. I can feel them. Well written, Alexi!
     753 days ago 
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  •  Loshika Sharma: 
    Those are best lyrics
     775 days ago 
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Addict's Eyes