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7.) Abyssinia

If I don't leave tomorrow,
I'll never know what is wrong
Why am I just living like a dog?
When I met you in my car last night,
We talked about our lives
And my last kiss to you will say, "Goodbye..."
And O!
The tragedy of us...
I got tons of luck but it's not fun,
And it's not good,
The way it should be
Well baby, I just cannot wait to be free
Well, I bumped my head on my chandelier,
That was right before I cried,
And then, came to me; an epiphany of lies!
And how could you do this to me?
I'm not dizzy with a dame,
I got a new cup of coffee!
You were Daisy
You made me laugh like a duck that's crazy
And a mickey, served with wine, is drinking my time lately
Yet, I never had a friend that's quite like you...
But dammit girl!
Just look at me...
I'm blue

Andrew Howard · 1946 days ago
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7.) Abyssinia