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2 Blu 2 Night

2 Blu 2 Nite 


I'm just too blue to care tonight. 

I'm just holding my own tonight. 

Sitting here contemplating what to do tonight. 

it's dark in this lonely hotel room. 

I'm just sitting here all alone tonight. 

I'm just trying to get some sleep tonight. 

Now I'm laying here eyes wide open tonight. 

It's really hard to sleep in this bed. 

I'm just too blue to give a dang tonight. 

My baby left me all alone tonight. 

And here I cry in this flea bag motel tonight. 

Can't get any rest in this lonely motel tonight. 

© Copyright May 16th 2016 

11:30 P.M. All Rights Reserved 

Larry Gordon Killam (SOCAN/ASCAP) 

(;Yrral MallikWink 

Larry Killam · 1330 days ago
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2 Blu 2 Night