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11.) Make My Night

Don't waste your time, don't look away
Just let me feel your lips upon my face...
Please hold me down, I'll float away
Cause when I'm with you, Doll, I get so lost in space
And when I fall from space, those deep blue eyes
They got me lost at sea
They got me hypnotized
So deep inside this whirlpool
I'm lost in your eyes
And this world is full of thousands of lies
But I won't fool you
I'm honest inside when I tell you,
"I'm lost in your ocean eyes."
Not only that,
But I can't seem to think of any other girl
Infact, I've lost my paint
The only colors left are you and I,
Let's take them both and paint a picture perfect life
And fly so high into the night sky
And see all the stars just trying to shine bright
But they fall too far behind your blue eyes, and
Beauty that's candy to my sore eyes
So kiss me, and make my night


Andrew Howard · 1870 days ago
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11.) Make My Night