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I see you walking through town

Do you remember me?

I watch you let your hair down

And it sways in the breeze


You’re catching the 26

To where we grew up

Oh that’s what I really miss

Never needing much


I’d make you wonder about me

If I had the time


So hey girl “How have you been?”

“I’m just fine I guess”

Are you still living the dream?

I’d expect nothing less


So boy “How about you?”

“Can’t you see I’m a mess

There’s not really that much new

But I’ll keep giving my best


It’s good to see you’ve grown up loads

Got longer hair and designer clothes

And everyone around you

Is looking so old


I’m sure you’re fine

Just lift your head

Maybe put a song up on the internet

Cos you’re pretty cool

And going somewhere


I’d make you wonder about me

If I had the time

I could show you what I mean

If you’ve got the time

Or take a ride on the 26

Check me out

Such a Marxist romantic

I’ve been there and done it all before

So let’s recall our love once more

Philip Hollamby · 1188 days ago
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