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Los Angeles
United States
I'm a 16-year-old female. I'm in my second year of high school. What I'm looking for is to collaborate with others so that the quality of my work can be better. My songs are based on people's experiences and what is happening around the world. The whole point of my songs is for people to not feel alone and understood because there are many people with a lot on themselves and want to feel understood by someone. I would also like to keep my identity a secret and be known as “Pinky”. The reason why I would like to keep my identity confidential is that I’m still too young and it might affect my lifestyle. I also feel relaxed whenever I write songs, but the only thing is that I have the melody and the lyrics but when it comes to singing it, I can’t because I don’t have a nice voice but I can give an example of how it can sound when it is being sung.
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Songwriter, Lyricist
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Composer, Topline Writer, Beat Producer
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lyrics, melodies
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no instrument
Sounds like:
legends, It's being a long way, I lava you
Juicy Wrld
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As I mentioned before I’m still a student. But I’m sure if I collaborate, with you, we would get lots of recognition. I have no degree in music but as I work with others I wish to learn lots of new things with them. I also believe that with these songs many people would want to keep on hearing them because they might relate to it.
Personal Songwriting Goals:
To influence people and for my songs to be heard by the world.
Collaboration Goals:
publishing deal
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What is wrong?

Can somebody hear me? Does somebody care for me? Does somebody love me?
because now I believe that people hate me now, it all started long ago, when
my mother gave birth to me, I just believe it was the biggest mistake on Earth, few years after I
was born, I lost something I need just now, you maybe might not understand, you maybe might relate to
this, (collaborators has access to the rest)
216 days ago
216 days ago
216 days ago
Do you hear it now?, do you hear the cry?, do you know, how frustrated, people are?
Can you help us now?, never mind, I just remember how much of a bragger, you are!Plase! focus on
your life, it's my wil for living this type of life, because it's my life. Please stop it now,
you might think that you are pressuring me that all those harsh words would pressure me but
let me tell you that you are just hurting me, to the point where I just wish I never lived,
I just wonder why most orphan people have to live these types of lives... ( collaborators has more access to the rest)
216 days ago
218 days ago
218 days ago