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United States
I graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2009 where I majored in Music Production and Engineering. I took an interest in writing my own material after leaving school and currently front my own band The Mad Sugars ( Much of my experience as a songwriter has been solo writing so I'm very interested in working with as many diverse writers as possible. Starting out as a drummer, I also play guitar and bass (and a little bit of piano). I'm currently working in the music biz in royalties, but would love to make songwriting my career.
Songwriting Info
I am a:
Songwriter, Composer, Lyricist, Topline Writer
Looking for a:
Songwriter, Composer, Lyricist, Beat Producer
Alternative, Dance, Indie, Pop, Rock, Singer/Songwriter
I'm strongest at:
lyrics, topline writing/hooks, melodies, chord progressions, beats/grooves, arrangements
Instruments I write with:
guitar, drums, bass
Sounds like:
My sound has been compared to artists like Weezer, Elvis Costello and Joe Jackson with a poppy twist
Elvis Costello, Beatles, Weezer, Jimmy Eat World
Songwriting is my:
planned career
Songwriting Achievements:
Written about two albums' worth of material with my band The Mad Sugars, I've also earned some licensing/public performance income through song libraries, and am often told my songs easily get stuck in people's heads.
Personal Songwriting Goals:
Would like to make this a career
Collaboration Goals:
publishing deal, sync placement (film, TV, video games), mainstream artist release, niche/independent artist release
Sound Albums

V1: You've barely made your entrance And you got my heart pounding out of my chest One-twenty BPM As my night is in your hands There'll be no rest So you go to up the ante I don't even care that you're stacking the deck I said I'd moderate Now it's one ove
Adam Gruss · 1941 days ago

On this night it's funny how I find you among the party crowd But you don't look so happy Though your friends are all around. It's time to set the record straight Been struggling to communicate I've tried to be patient But this couldn't wait. Where do we s
Adam Gruss · 1973 days ago

She's got the look that gets all the boys hooked But only few will live to tell the tale Good luck getting her name, best be on top of your game Cuz within seconds your routine gets stale You said you'd kill for just a taste But she'll be quick to lay you
Adam Gruss · 1973 days ago

I got money in my pocket Need a place to spend it on Feel like a rat stuck in a cage now Until 5 o'clock rolls around then I'm gone Break from a 40-hour sentence With a precious 48 And when I get up to the club now I don't mind just tossing what's on my pl
Adam Gruss · 1973 days ago
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Hey Adam! My name is Ron. I am primarily a strong hard rock/power pop rock music writer with a classic rock influence but with a modern pop punk heart. I'd be up for a collaboration if you dig what I am writing. I'm looking for a topline writer to put lyrics/melody/voice to any of my 400+ unique song ideas. I have straight up ragers, piano ballads, some Beatle-esque type stuff, etc. You can hear my demos here: - many of the tracks are semi-produced ideas for eventual full-length songs - intro/verse/pre-chorus/chorus/verse /pre-chorus/chorus/(maybe a bridge)/etc. - I am open to changing ANYTHING I've written. I've collaborated enough to know that no song idea of mine is set in stone and I am open to criticism/suggestions/changes. Listen deep into my Soundcloud catalog. I'm certain something will eventually perk your ear. :)
I hope to hear back from you. THANKS!
1380 days ago
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1923 days ago
My name is Kevin Nevel; I'm an songwriter deployed here in Afghanistan with the U.S. Army.

Here's my ReverbNation Link so; you can listen to my
songs; "Raining" & "When You Were Mine" & "Insane" & "Our Last Kiss"
& "Can't You See" & "Into You" to check out my songwriting style:
Kevin Nevel | Burlington, NC | Country / Pop
/ Rock /Blues /Acoustic Folk /R&B/Dance/Club tpcdbabycomcdkevinnevel

You can contact me at:


"Music is what emotions sound like"
1926 days ago
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1931 days ago
Hi Adam,
Re: Find Songwriters
I saw your name listed in the Find Songwriters Register and thought I would contact you in the hope that you might consider co-writing songs with me. I have a large database of lyrics and write in many different styles about a variety of subjects and have been published and had songs played on radio. In particular, I am looking to work with talented, enthusiastic and imaginative composers who preferably have studio facilities. I’d be pleased to hear from you.
Joel Rockman
1931 days ago
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V1: You've barely made your entrance And you got my heart pounding out of my chest One-twenty BPM As my night is in your hands There'll be no rest So you go to up the ante I don't even care that you're stacking the deck I said I'd moderate Now it's one ove
1941 days ago
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