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los angeles
United States
I’m a singer and lyricist. Am looking for someone who plays the piano or guitar well and can help me write some ballads. Could try ballads with a rock edge. Or just the more traditional ballad format that’s pop and adult contemporary. Anyways, I want to write for a demo that nowadays could serve dually as as an EP, if we release it on tunecore or spinnup etc. Could be a good way to gain attention depending on the strength of the material on the demo. I’m all for writing and rewriting until we get to the right melodies. My writing is okay enough that I just need to match to the right melodies
Songwriting Info
I am a:
Songwriter, Lyricist
Looking for a:
Songwriter, Composer
Preferred collaboration style:
in person, email
Pop, R&B/Soul, Singer/Songwriter
I'm strongest at:
Instruments I write with:
guitar, piano
Sounds like:
Brian McKnight
christina aguilera, usher, brian mcnight
Songwriting is my:
planned career
Songwriting Achievements:
I write my own lyrics
Personal Songwriting Goals:
i want a songwriting credit for everything i write and release
Collaboration Goals:
mainstream artist release, just for fun

Verse1: when youre all then you’re fire when youre all then you’re my might when youre all then you’re all saving Chorus: everlastingly ever reaching me when you become all impact cant be explained  verse2: when youre all then youre restore when youre al
Balmore Chavez · 118 days ago

Verse1 :  shes with me anytime I want her shes with me lives in me anytime I need her lives in me Chorus :  All the time every thought all the time losing clock  Verse2 :  She’s with me anytime of day now running with me shes my world anytime she aims to
Balmore Chavez · 590 days ago

Verse1 :  And the wind  never breaks sound but takes aim at all I have now Chorus: all I have is her all I own is her the wind makes no sound bringing down once good   Verse2 :  And the wind  never warns me taking me somewhere  youre not my own All ly
Balmore Chavez · 593 days ago

Verse1 :  When the wind takes everything Its winter all year now When the wind takes everything The cold much too unkind Chorus: All of it gone from reach Love aint in this no more All of it gone from reach Well never be one front Verse2 :  Im weakening
Balmore Chavez · 593 days ago

Verse1 :  Will you  Be mine When i need sun Will you Be hope When im down low Chorus: When im broken down In hopelessness  Will you be my own When im lost in shatterred wishing hopeless Will you be for us Verse2 :  Will you Be mine When i need hope Will
Balmore Chavez · 593 days ago

Verse1 :  On a train Leading down your shape I found true love In the giving Of your body Down between hope Chorus: I can lose myself A million ways in this In the giving of your touch and body Faith renewed I believe again In the giving of yourself In lo
Balmore Chavez · 595 days ago

Verse1 :  Always On my mind Coming through in bold Red that gives me life Everything you are Chorus :  Is truly all the things i need Here in red your truth is it And all these thoughts of you take me To a different state of being Verse2 :  Transcendent
Balmore Chavez · 595 days ago

Verse1 :  With the stars all for us now Wanna lay with you awhile With the stars bringing new light We can start all over now Chorus: Brand new with no lies Aint no need for false pretense Youre the one thing on my mind That i fail to still evade Verse2
Balmore Chavez · 596 days ago

Verse1 :  Let me through All the hurt and ache Let me through We can get through one Two as one Been the only way One way lane Take a train away Chorus: With me Just us With me  Far from the rain No storms In sight A train Far from the pain Verse2 :  We
Balmore Chavez · 596 days ago

Verse1 :  Its sweet To have everyday Of you So sweet Its sweet To have all of your time At every cross point Chorus: Of you and me Everytime we cross ecstased  Of you and me At our meeting points your time Verse2: Its sweet To have you At every meeting t
Balmore Chavez · 596 days ago