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United States
LOOKING FOR COLLABORATORS I want to make money from music. I am looking to share music and songwriting ideas. I am open to almost anything. I'm looking for lyricists, melodies makers, singers, composers, and maybe video makers. Incomplete songs or ideas or just hooks is fine. I am older, but I only want to create what is current. I use several programs and create all the instruments. Sometimes, I have hired demo singers. I use a guitar synthesizer and (use a little) a keyboard to create every instrument. I use various drum programs. In addition to all the basic instruments, I have two full orchestra programs. I am, to a lesser degree, using MIDI.
Songwriting Info
I am a:
Songwriter, Composer
Looking for a:
Songwriter, Composer, Lyricist, Topline Writer
Preferred collaboration style:
Alternative, Classical, Comedy, Country, Dance, Electronic, Pop, R&B/Soul, Rock, Singer/Songwriter, World
I'm strongest at:
melodies, chord progressions, beats/grooves, arrangements
Instruments I write with:
guitar, piano, drums, other
Sounds like:
I'm all over the place with genres
Songwriting is my:
planned career
Songwriting Achievements:
I've written or composed well over 200 worthwhile pieces of music and/or complete songs. I've been in various Top 10 Charts on Broadjam probably 75 times. I've been in BJ Earth Top 10 twice. But, all that doesn't mean anything of value. I've signed about 20 publishing contracts for one song at a time. I've had songs tried out in movie scenes, tried out in major company commercials, and more. But, there's no money rolling in. We have to do better or different than all of my work put together or do differently.

A decade ago, I placed several songs in top national songwriting contests for lyrics and other songs for music & lyrics. So, I have a feel for lyric writing, too. My lyrics were published in Songwriter Magazine.

We have to avoid corny or boring hook lines. Skip old-style Folk, Bluegrass, Blues, old traditional County, and such that are not very mainstream popular, so I suggest to stay in the Billboard 200 range. In addition, I do create background soundtracks.

I strongly prefer songs with energy, instead of slow songs. I believe faster songs have a greater chance of success than slow songs because of the momentum of the beat even when people are not crazy about the lyrics.

The music must be current and/or future sounding songs/music. Quirky or unique or fresh-sounding may lead to success or may not. We can try it. Think in-the-box or think out-of-the-box. Try anything. I've tried all kinds of music experiments like altered tuning, rearranging the strings on the guitar, quarter tuning and micro tuning, crossing mixing/mashing genres, multiple drum beats going at once, text-to-speech vocals, and on and on.

I am an easy-going person.

My goal is to make money and I'm open to anything. Music for use in TV, Film, Video Games, Shop Centers, Advertising, Internet or Radio Theme Songs, YouTube, etc.

Let's create some music! But, most important, we need ideas or superb or unique talent that is worth making money.
Personal Songwriting Goals:
To have 3 songs used in TV, Film, Commercials, etc. and make a little money from them.
Collaboration Goals:
sync placement (film, TV, video games)
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