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United States
I am singer songwriter from Grand Rapids Michigan. I have been writing music for 40 years. I write all genres but my focus is Pop and Country. I have a studio in my home. I work with ProTools, Logic Pro X and Ableton Live. I produce most of my own music. I was a classically trained vocalist and traveled in the 70's and 80's playing live music as a lead singer. I am now an ER Nurse Practitioner which affords me my passion of music and songwriting. Music has been and will always be my first love.
Songwriting Info
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video chat, email, cloud storage
Country, Pop, Rock, Singer/Songwriter
I'm strongest at:
lyrics, melodies, arrangements
Instruments I write with:
guitar, piano, vocals, drums, bass
Sounds like:
Taylor Swift, Fletcher, Keith Urban, Miranda Lambert, Bonnie Raitt, Karla Bonof, Heart and many more
Songwriting is my:
planned career
Songwriting Achievements:
I have written over 70 songs.
Personal Songwriting Goals:
I would like to write for other artists
Collaboration Goals:
publishing deal
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something is amiss here lol. it says youre 22 but then you were touring back in the 70s and 80s in a previous life ?
just teasing.. im more drawn to your influences than your age. im looking for someone with lyrics that are looking for music .
i write lyrics too but those ideas arent coming at the moment. i have much more musical ideas that id love to try to marry to lyrics or poems

i write mostly on guitar but have other instruments at my disposal for flavor
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