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City of Tiny Lights
United States
I love to write lyrics - especially lyrics drawn on personal experience, observation, current events, behavioral health, life stories - REAL THINGS! I love to lay down very simple to very complex drum parts. I love putting bass lines just behind the beat. I love simple, melodic piano to accentuate lyrics (piano/vocal duets - YES!) I love to track and mix, without obtaining the "perfect" cut. If it's a little raw and edgy, you know it's real! Oh, and if your diggin' 3/4 time??? We're on the same page! My goals are simple... Seek out Artists who need help, and Artists who are compelled to help. I am, and have been a musical person for nearly 40 years (both in appreciation and creation). I believe all music is food for the soul of whoever created it, regardless of commercial success. It's an honor to receive glimpses into another's world. I thrive on collaboration, though I am a little more "limited" than I used to be. I've gone through a great amount of adjustment in the past 2 years, as a result of an automobile accident (spinal cord injury). I lost everything from the chest down, but still have about 65% of my right hand and 35% of my left. So I have basically one hand for any performance, though I use adaptive technologies. I believe a good song is never finished, and that there is no shame in ANY level of sharing, each to their own abilities.
Songwriting Info
I am a:
Songwriter, Lyricist, Topline Writer, Beat Producer
Looking for a:
Songwriter, Topline Writer
Alternative, Blues, Comedy, Hip Hop/Rap, Indie, Jazz, R&B/Soul, Rock, Singer/Songwriter
I'm strongest at:
lyrics, melodies, beats/grooves, arrangements
Instruments I write with:
piano, vocals, other
Sounds like:
Many & None, I'm All Over The Place!
Frank Zappa, Sade, Jimmy Rushing, Kirk Whalum, Bob James, Tom Scott, Brandon Fields, Nina Simone, Rickie Lee Jones, Rodney McCoy, Carl Palmer, Count Basie, ELP, Weird Al
Songwriting is my:
hobby, part-time job, former career
Personal Songwriting Goals:
Seek out Artists who need help, and Artists who are compelled to help. "In denial of your own creativity, you will come to know the worst kind of death" -Just Frank-
Collaboration Goals:
mainstream artist release, niche/independent artist release, just for fun
Sound Albums

-Just Frank- 2015   V1  Your Evil Dwell surrounds you All see it, and all smell Your fabricated bullshit Of which you proudly sell   Your Evil Dwell, I let it in And now I rue the day With pestilent indifference My mind and soul you played   Chorus  Your E
Just Frank · 1913 days ago

The Time That Never Was -Just Frank- 2014 Needs a Chorus and Music …Time – Why did we ever create – …Time – That which we’ve all come to hate – …Time – While ever searching for more – …Time – It seeks to make you its whore –   …Time – Most nights I dwell i
Just Frank · 2446 days ago

MORE OF A POEM, BUT EASILY ADAPTED TO SONG LYRICS: In the grip of tortures, of my own making, Justly confined, myself forsaking,Thoughts of darkness, meant not to share,Will I come to know, to accept, or care? To the coward is life, the life of a foolI did
Just Frank · 2461 days ago
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JustFrank commented on a sound
1847 days ago
JustFrank commented on a sound
Song I wrote with my parnter Rich. Ericka Van Pelt from American Idol fame is the lead vocals
1847 days ago
JustFrank commented on a sound
I hear some Steely Dan in here as well - clean and tight overall - are you a drummer primarily? Love the Fender Rhodes electric piano work (Bob James could claim that one!)
Jazz Tune
Jazz tune with vocals and sax and piano solos
1858 days ago
JustFrank commented on a sound
Good job Eric - Tight tracking and engineering/mastering

Fleetwoood Mac type song
I wrote this to sound like it could have been a track from Mac's Rumours album. Female vocal.
1858 days ago
JustFrank commented on a sound
Very nice... The back-beat on drums would sound a little less overpwoering as a rim-shot
1861 days ago
JustFrank commented on a sound
Love the B3 work here Lisa. Still, though... Let It ALL out Lisa!!! This as an FU song here... Let em' have it, right in the kisser

Reminds me of a quote of Chrisse Hynde... "not fu** me, it's fu** you"
1863 days ago
JustFrank commented on a sound
What key is this in? Your voice is very versatile and powerful. Great use of the range, vibrato, and expression. Only down side on this one is that I think you're "holdin' back" a little? Perhaps you'd find some inspiration here?
1863 days ago
JustFrank commented on a sound
Just Bad... In an excellent way
Bad Man
Original song from a former project
1863 days ago
JustFrank commented on a sound
I like your work.thoughtful and complete
Out Of The Blue
A reminiscence
1865 days ago
JustFrank commented on a sound
Nice Work
Spanish Moon
Vaguely latin
1865 days ago