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Las Cruces
United States
Gary Clute, Las Cruces Singer/Songwriter and Nashville recording artist, is a native of Las Cruces, NM. He began his professional musical career at 16, performing in local clubs and colleges and recording records at the Golddust Recording Studio in Las Cruces. After attending New Mexico State University, he joined the American Corporation of Artists booking agency in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and for years, toured throughout the Midwest states. He and his wife settled in Nashville, Tennessee where he continued singing, recording, and writing. BMI since forever and NSAI lifetime member, songs written and co-written by Gary were published by a number of Nashville’s top publishers before he began writing exclusively for the Walter Haynes Music Company on Music Row. He recorded an album for Cookhouse Records in Minneapolis, and a number of singles on SoundWaves Records in Nashville that received accolades in both Billboard and Cashbox music magazines. Now a computer programmer and technical writer, Gary, and his wife moved back to the Las Cruces area in 2005, where he continues to sing and write. Listen to Gary at: and
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I am a:
Songwriter, Composer, Lyricist
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Blues, Country, Folk, Pop, R&B/Soul, Singer/Songwriter
I'm strongest at:
lyrics, melodies
Instruments I write with:
guitar, piano, vocals
Sounds like:
Various, depends on what's needed
Nashville sound, musicals, radio
Songwriting is my:
former career
Songwriting Achievements:
Since returning, he has completed ‘Too Good’, a pop-opera/musical, several original Christmas Carols, and numerous contemporary songs. Gary created the score and songs for a short movie, Face Full of Dollars, produced by Eric Seo and executive producer Mark Medoff, and most recently, the background orchestration and songs for seven one hour long documentaries produced and directed by Ed Breeding; 'Prescription for Addiction', 'Holders of Wisdom' , 'Shattered Reality', 'The indigenous Way of Being' 'Spirit of Art' , Messages from the Ancestors, and 'The Human Effect', from which the song 'One' was a finalist in the 29th Annual New Mexico Music Awards.
Gary's 2016 PBS mini-concert was voted one of three 'Best of Year' concerts.
Personal Songwriting Goals:
Write and record really good and unique songs
Collaboration Goals:
publishing deal, sync placement (film, TV, video games), mainstream artist release, niche/independent artist release
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                                                  Words and music                                                   Gary Clute Chorus Some milk and cookies, Warm slice of pie Hot cup of coffee, some sugar by and by and by…. I’ll throw a log on the fire,
Gary Clute · 516 days ago

                                                                                                                           Words and music                                                                                                                      
Gary Clute · 516 days ago
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Gary Clute commented on a lyrics
Another excellent write Ron, This would make a good country song orven a good folk song

I thought the love I gave would make you change  But all the pain you gave remained the same  So many times I tried to get away I don't know what it was that made me stay. Now I'm sick and tired of acting like a fool I'm so damn tired of all this push and
32 days ago
Gary Clute commented on a lyrics
This one reminds me of Peter Yarrow of PP&M. A really good protest song - Now is a good time to revive this one.

Why must we kill Why must we die Why must we hurt Why must we cry Why must we hide deep down inside our fears and our dreams Why must we why Why must we hate Why must we complain Why must we share all our anger and pain Why must we hide deep down inside ou
32 days ago
Gary Clute commented on a lyrics
Lizzie, your lyrics are very touching and powerful! What ever you do, keep writing.

Twenty is an ice-storm,I am coated.Solid and stuck,I was.Twenty is findingmy boots are too heavy,struggling and strained,I was.Twenty's forgettingto light my own candle,dreamless and dark,I was.And twenty remembersall former transgressions,bitter and broke
33 days ago
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33 days ago
Gary Clute added 2 new sounds to album Irene
33 days ago
Hi Gary,
I have watched the Murphy videos, and have been honing my lyric-writing. I was wondering if this one would be something you would like to work with; I call it "A Good Life".

All I wanted was a good life
I was raised in poverty
When I was young I didn't know
We were poor monetarily

My dad was a strong provider
My mother showed me love
They worked hard for their money
At night we'd pray to God above

And the moral to this story
Is you can find happiness
In your friends and your family
You don't need some rich address
Look at the stars up in heaven
They won't care when we're gone
Whether we're in love or at war
It'll all be quiet when we're done

I see my children growing up
And wonder how they see me
I know I'm not a perfect man
And I sure never claimed to be

I take a deep breath when I get home
And watch the sun set in the sky
I count my blessings every night
And thank God that we're alive


All I wanted was a good life
I love my fam'ly and my home
You know I'm not a perfect man
But I'll work my fingers to the bone


All I wanted was a good life
I'll remember that we've had fun
All I wanted was a good life
And lookin' back, I've – had - one
257 days ago
Gary Clute added 4 new sounds to album Irene
299 days ago
Great experience writing with you Gary!
459 days ago
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