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Basic Info
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United Kingdom
I am an amateur songwriter from Southampton and would love to make a career from songwriting. I have so far written 7 songs myself and collaborated on 2 other songs. I am looking to collaborate with songwriters of all abilities.
Songwriting Info
I am a:
Songwriter, Composer, Lyricist
Looking for a:
Songwriter, Composer, Lyricist
Preferred collaboration style:
in person
Country, Dance, Electronic, Hip Hop/Rap, Pop, R&B/Soul
I'm strongest at:
lyrics, topline writing/hooks, melodies
Instruments I write with:
no instrument
Songwriting is my:
hobby, planned career
Songwriting Achievements:
Reached the final of The Great American Songwriting Contest with a collaboration and my first 2 songs made the semi finals of the UK Songwriting Contest. My last 3 songs have been signed by a publishing company.
Personal Songwriting Goals:
To achieve as much as possible
Collaboration Goals:
publishing deal, sync placement (film, TV, video games), mainstream artist release, niche/independent artist release
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Hi, my name is Anita Draughon. I am serious about my Songwriting and new at Collaborating. I would like to correspond for a while. Text me. I am working with a company but, I cannot afford anything right now. I am still writing songs but, they are just being filed. A Celebrity sang my last published song. She is in theater, tv, film musicals. I am trying to increase my income to do more. Comment back please about what I said.
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